Sr. Electrical Engineer

Description: Embedded Systems / Data Acquisition Design

REPORTS TO: Electrical Engineering Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: Designs, develops and verifies data acquisition and sensor interface circuits, primarily for the high temperature environment in downhole Oil & Gas wells.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: This Electrical Engineering position offers an opportunity to develop state-of-art electronics designs for operation in the high temperature downhole environment.   From concept development all the way through manufacturing release for commercial deployment, this position provides a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Working with the team in the Electrical Engineering department as well as the other Engineering departments, this position will help shape the overall design of the equipment as well as helping the overall department continue to develop and improve.

This position requires detailed knowledge and experience with a substantial number of the items listed below:

The electronic designs typically include:

  • Sensor application and interfacing
  • Front end signal conditioning and amplification
  • Selection and qualification of state-of-the-art A to D converters
  • Micro-controller and DSP applications
  • High speed digital interfacing
  • Programmable Gate Arrays
  • DRAM and Flash memory

Also, some applications require electronic circuits for:

  • DC/DC Switching Converters
  • Higher power analog amplification circuits (up to 100 watts)
  • Brushless DC motor control
  • Power efficient solenoid actuation methods

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering; 10+ years of experience preferred

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