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Contract Engineering for the O&G Industry and Downhole Environment

Founded in 1995, SensorWise is a full-service contract engineering and equipment design firm with a focus on the oil and gas industry. Established by industry veterans Larry Wisniewski, Abbas Arian, and Georgios Varsamis, SensorWise is backed by experience and resources.

SensorWise is a member of the CertainSource Technology (CST) Group, a vertically integrated group of companies that provide manufacturing and engineering services to technology-driven companies. Working alongside CST members Primary Sourcing, a manufacturing company specializing in the assembly and test of oilfield equipment, and Masterpiece Machine, a precision machining company, SensorWise is able to help move your product from design concept to full commercial operation faster than any other firm in the industry.

View the PDFs below to learn more about the SensorWise contract engineering and product development process and see examples of our design projects.

SensorWise Published Papers
SensorWise Engineering Design Projects
SensorWise Patents for contract design and engineering projects

The SensorWise Mission

Contract Engineering and Product Design Services 

At SensorWise, our mission is to provide the highest quality contract engineering services and support to our clients. We understand that time and precision are key when it comes to the design of mission-critical products. Our engineering team has the experience and resources necessary to take a product from idea to design and production.

SensorWise provides comprehensive, integrated services for the design, assembling, testing, and distribution of mission-critical products throughout the oil and gas market. Through the deep technical knowledge of our engineering staff, we rapidly provide world class designs at an exceptional value for our clients. Our highly trained staff of engineers is supported by designers, lab technicians, and assemblers, giving us the resources needed to produce highly reliable products.

We are a company who fully understands that the commercial success of our customer’s product is dependent on the performance of our services.  At SensorWise, we believe we are only successful if our clients are successful.

Employment at SensorWise

We know that our company’s most valuable “assets” are our employees.   We strive to attract the most talented and productive staff and to provide an excellent working environment that fosters personal and career growth. To learn more about the benefits of working at SensorWise, visit our employment page.


Laurence (Larry) Wisniewski, SensorWise President and CST Group President

Larry graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. After working as an Electrical Engineer in Michigan for a few years in the auto industry, he moved to Houston and worked for a NL Industries, a major service company in the Oil and Gas industry, developing the early Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) downhole tools. Eventually moving from a design engineer to management roles, he then moved to Western Atlas, another major service company, and became the Engineering Manager for the Wireline downhole tool development department. In 1995, Larry, Abbas and Georgios started SensorWise, a contract engineering firm specializing in downhole tool development. Afterwards, Larry and his partners started two more companies:  Primary Sourcing (manufacturing) and Masterpiece Machine. All three companies are now under the CertainSource Technology (CST) Group, of which Larry is also the President.

Abbas Arian, P. E., SensorWise VP Engineering and CST Group VP Engineering

Abbas completed his Bachelor’s and Master degrees from University of Houston. While working at his first job designing Rock Bits at Hughes Tool Company, he also completed his MBA. Later he moved to NL industries designing Measurement-While-Drilling tools. His design engineering role was continued at Western Geophysical where he designed and tested vibrator and Impact truck and air guns for the seismic industry. Eventually he moved within Western Atlas, initially as a design engineer, and later as the Mechanical Engineering Manager for the MWD and Wireline downhole tools. In late 1995, he continued his engineering and management endeavors at SensorWise with his business partners Larry and Georgios. His main concentration has been in mechanical engineering and project leadership for developments for major high tech oilfield service and equipment companies.

Georgios Varsamis, SensorWise VP Business Development and CST Group CFO

Following his undergraduate studies in Greece where he obtained both Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Georgios graduated with a Master’s and Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. After graduation, he worked for a couple of years at Los Alamos National Laboratory in their Controlled Thermonuclear Research division. He then switched energy segments (from Fusion to Oil & Gas) and moved to Houston where he worked for several  years in one of the major oil services companies, Western Atlas, having held positions in design (MWD and wireline tools), Systems Engineering, Project and Program Management and management.   Georgios is one of the founding partners for SensorWise, Primary Sourcing, Masterpiece Machine and the CST Group. Georgios holds the position of VP Business Development of SensorWise and is the CFO for the CST Group.

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