SensorWise Capabilities

Comprehensive Product Development and Project Management

At SensorWise, our expertise and experience cover a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. SensorWise is a full-service contract engineering and equipment design firm. Our in-house team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers are highly capable of taking a project from the initial concept stage all the way through design, development, execution, delivery, and sustaining.  Having all the expertise at one location allows us to rapidly design, prototype and verify multi-discipline turnkey products. We generate all required documentation for full release to production build. Our particular expertise is in designing high-tech downhole tools including sensor applications, data acquisition, and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Contract engineering services provided by SensorWise include:

Multi-Discipline Projects and Project Management

At SensorWise, our in-house team of multi-disciplinary engineers enables us to design and develop products for multiple fields across the oil and gas industry. In addition to offering individual services, SensorWise provides integrated solutions for the entire life cycle of a project. We handle multiple aspects of turnkey, multi-disciplinary projects, from planning and design to comprehensive project management.

Once SensorWise has been given your product requirements, we are able to provide the systems engineering and project management expertise to see the project through completion. We perform top-level design and analysis prior to launching the detailed design effort, which is reviewed with you. We then break the requirements into assignments for our mechanical, electronics and software engineering departments. Our integration tests plans then guide the prototype assembly and verification process. If you need help with developing and refining your product requirements, SensorWise is able to assist with this stage as well.

By integrating our services together throughout the project, SensorWise acts as a single-source of responsibility, reducing the likelihood of disparities occurring and ensuring consistency throughout product development. Additionally, our partnership with manufacturing company Primary Sourcing allows us to reduce lead times and increase project efficiency, ensuring that your product is moved from design concept to full commercial operation faster than any other firm in the industry.

Electronics Engineering

The electronic engineering department at SensorWise has produced products to cover a wide range of functionality and applications, including analog, digital, controller processors, and Digital Signal Processors circuits. Our full-service product development process includes electronic engineering design, analysis, prototyping, and verification. We are experts in sensor measurement, signal conditioning, data acquisition, data storage, and retrieval.  We have also designed extensively for the high temperature downhole environment.

Mechanical Engineering and Downhole Tools Development

SensorWise is highly experienced in a broad range of mechanical engineering skills, including designing custom machined parts and electro-mechanical assemblies. In addition to industry standard calculations, we perform Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA) analysis for thermal, strength, electromagnetic and dynamic response using ANSYS simulation software.

SensorWise designs “mission critical” products for use across the oil and gas industry; however, our specialty is oilfield downhole tools. We have extensive mechanical design experience for the downhole environment, including designs for high pressure, high temperature, and shock and vibration environment.

Particular areas of expertise in downhole tool design include:

  • Sensor/Instrumentation design and packaging for high temperature/high pressure applications
  • Mechanical design with moving parts (motors, pump, mechanisms)
  • Harsh environment designs (high temperature, pressure, shock, vibration)

Software Engineering

SensorWise provides expertise in real-time embedded processors, Digital Signal Processors (DSP), and all the popular programming languages for these processors. We have also designed many computer systems based on National Instrument’s LabVIEW measurement and control programming language and hardware.

Test System Development

SensorWise also provides test system development as a certified National Instruments Alliance Partner.  We can deliver a turnkey solution including assisting with specifications, configuring the system, designing any custom equipment required and implementing the testing in NI LabVIEW.

For more information on our full range of mechanical, electronic, systems and software engineering services, please call 713-952-3350 or use our contact form.